Hariyali Teej # Monsoon Drama

Pumping up the rush in the bazaars to promulgating end of season sales online, all you need to do is cancel appointments, bring out that recent ethnic from your wardrobe and totally jazz up the look of our daily-soaps’heroins. Happy Hariyali Teej to all . This fest is all about welcoming the monsoon season with all due love and respect. Admitting the fact that our rain gods are already hyper but our fest really needs jubilations.

So I obliged myself to exalt at The Dilli Haat Pirampura. I too wanted to taste the glitter and glamour with the perfect ethnic background and hear the clitter clatter of those extra glass bangles of some happy and pretty faces around me for the simple pleasure to be a part of the celebrations.
My two little kids, rather my -Team/ was equally supportive in sighting what was best around and places to stop and even shop. The rope swings were a centre of attraction amongst the women additionally the environment was bound by aromatic mehendi being done around most places. I lay my hands on some blue pottery, a tie and die scarf, a multi strings -beads necklace and a very colourful table runner.

Predicting the footfall, the management had made good arrangements in terms of security and clean washrooms. Hmm..I guess these were really important. To my disappointment, there were no camels this time. Sounds funny but I love to watch them do the 50 Meter drill all the time with different set of overexcited travellers on their back! With a suitable entry for Rs.20 there wasn’t less to offer. Me and my kids came back happy with my picks from the Haat. 

rare but caught – this ek tara wala

Overall it wasn’t a bad idea to dally around Dilli Haat, where my 2 hours stamp my celebrations for the day.


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