Oh Calcutta! Wah Calcutta!

A flight of steps leading into a small door but opening a flash back to the uniqueness of stylised old fashioned restaurants. I could imagine walking into the place holding my father’s finger, until escorted to my chair. Oh Calcutta! Here I am. The place was quietly rolling along the colossal buffet poring from starters to desserts. I too picked up my plate to eat up to my maximum capacity. My pick included Dab Chingri, Doi maach, Cholar daal and assorted vegetables from the buffet. The Luchi was served hot and added a personalised touch of sitting in your own home, gobbling on fresh phulkas. 

couldnt wait to click but to start eating!!

The dessert section although was limited and I could only think of getting myself a rasgulla and Mishti Doi.
The fact that there was a mammoth variety of fish, I could sight few Japanese faces around. I totally recommend this place for all those who have a preferred taste for quality food and a soothing ambiance. 


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