The Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt!

Jack of all traits and can master a hunt, then count yourself in! The hide and seek a Barrel is already on in Mumbai and hello Delhi! it’s soon playing with us too. If you are a go getter then tighten up your laces as this will be a little challenging both physically and mentally! The Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt begins on the Facebook page Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. This will come along a unique password and upto four clues will be posted on the page, hinting as to where the Jack Daniels Barrel has been hidden.

A Select from my Collect

What to do next is get dressed to physically reach the barrel. This is possible with the help of clues and most importantly the password needs to be kept in mind. Like our old age games and bad ass entry gates of Bollywood movies, you have to first find the ambassador and then tell the correct password to him. All of this action is on a first come basis. And congratulations you could win the Barrel Hunt prize. 

This is a first time in Delhi that a game of this nature is going to landmark the national capital’s free spirit on an international front. “So come one come all to our hidden Barrel stall!” 10 am on 3rd September, the game only permits people who are 25 years or more. 

I am eager to participate and play for all the fun which is involved. So if you know your city well and ready to take the challenge stay updated on the Jack Daniels Tennessee whisky Facebook page. For more help on regulations follow the link- 

All the best readers, go and get the Barrels!


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