Bells in the background

It’s that time of the year when soon the entire country will be enveloped with one colour of various celebrations. Dear readers hope you all are doing good. In a very short time all of us in India will get very busy arranging our wardrobes for a series of festivals, all lined up in a row. 
Every home makes it special and has their own touch of jubilating. Some start with painting homes with new colours to re invite their deity and welcome more dreams and aspirations for the coming new year. Where it includes a lot of shopping from home accessories to personal wear. 
Meeting friends and family and exchanging gifts, brings so much of love and respect for each other. Can I rather call it a social turmoil ? Of course yes, when I say the streets are impossible to navigate and the markets look like Amazon forests, where except for a food chain you could belong to any other jungle category within the realm of possibility. 

Easy and removable or making some changes in the decoration of the house is one of my favourite task. Shifting the furniture to a new set up, adds a new energy to the living space. So here I am rearranging to a new exhibition. 
Fragrance is essential as it dispels negative energy and transforms the energetic variations in a living space. As a child I remember asking my mother, if this actually went up there to the gods taking our prayers, and my mother always smiled with affirmation, she only strengthened my belief, and today I teach my two kids the same.
India is a culturally rich and a spiritually divine country, where the people take pride in their belief with wisdom to choose, of who they want to be or follow. I am a proud citizen of its varied heritage.
I love to hear bells ringing in the background during the evening prayers and plaintive voices singing hymns in their own rhythm. I, as an individual, enjoy doing rituals and prayers and sometimes even chant for myself or a friend or relative. It is elevating and motivates me. For I strongly believe in the six degrees of separation and compelled to believe that there are others who are like me, Who silently pray for someone else’s happiness and well being. This needs no exaggeration; as being happy and making people happy around, is only appreciated. 
May be this is a reason why God crafted events for social elevation and we followed them in the form of festivals , for smiles, colours, gifts, prayers and love and most of all; hugs. Falling in a social contract and living with peace and harmony is where we all belong and bestowed upon us are these beautiful celebrations that might have different names but serve the same purpose! 

I am glad I wrote this article, it brings peace and leaves me with a smiling face.


5 thoughts on “Bells in the background

  1. I definitely welcome the Fall season. I love the weather, and the crisp air. The pumpkin flavored food and beverages are my favorite. Based on this post, I can assume that you practice feng shui?


    1. Vinny winters in india are purely enjoyed by North Indians where after the showers we eagerly wait for the turn in air. You made a close guess and yes most of Indian rituals have scientific reasons for all practices, I also chant the Buddhist” Nam myoho renge kyo” and it is really elevating.

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