Ki Hangla!!

Dhakai fish tikka


First impression is the last impression, so before I am about to place my order, I am brightly welcomed by a visually vocal menu inviting me on a hand pulled rickshaw through the hustle of the yellow taxis, on the Howrah Bridge and a glimpse of the Victoria Memorial, this doesn’t need any further exaggeration, that I am in the right shoes to experience Calcutta on my plate.
The restaurant serves both Bengali and Dhakai cuisine. Dhakai fish biryan, dhakai mutton roast and chicken tikka are one of the popular additions. We have most often eaten bekti sorshe due to its zestful combination in the mustard curry. So this time we were helped planning our menu by a very pleasant sounding lady over the phone, she suggested to replace it to Katla sorshe and added a dhakai fish tikka and of course Mishti doi for desserts.

The food was piquant and definitely cooked with love, it was equally relished by us. I can definitely be a “glutton” for now it’s an open gateway to further delectable food from Ki Hangla.


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