So Tired and so Happy:-well said!!

this race is not about winning!
Waking up against an unequal sleep, taking little naps and bouncing up to baby calls during the night,
 reading age, under the tired eyes has become a much simpler job as against those social ; hide and guess your age-jokes you hear in a party . With little to be glad about the rising sun, and yet living the good morning spirit, chasing the clock by every hour, then you should be known as mom!

Much to give away, for every individual has different needs in the house and somehow all collapse at the same platform called ‘Me’. The negativity can only be purely done away by a simple gesture of love and realisation. Where only one smile gives tremendous energy, that was lost to the sleepless night. Then, who cares about that aching back and heavy head! 
Bringing everything to one shade and organising according to plans is a bleak opportunity. Sometimes going with the flow, does wonders and there is nothing to complain about! Articles on uncombed hair to being accompanied to the bathroom, might just be a reading gig for few but most felt to realisation by mothers who have perpetually experienced the same. Motherhood is a blessing, getting tired for the kids picking things from every corner, arranging the same place repeatedly, look presentable as the elder child wants a beautiful mommy running behind him, if you have a pet, to take care of, then you are playing Iron Man! and what not can be missed in the list or rather any other possibility under the sky, has to be managed “saving a nine”! 
Every minute counts, the idea is to do everything that calls for attention, and all of this runs behind the mind, a weird snooze is set up, reminding three other things before one is finished. Having an organised child is a boon or else the toy room might find yourself, standing behind the lost and found counter of Bermuda Triangle where, everything on earth could be available! Here, preconditioning only comes if you are a parent to a second child, when standing on the greener grass is appreciably meeting expectations and not setting expectations. 
All of this might sound complaining to few but it’s just another day of others. Try and stop by the mirror and take a good look at yourself, see what is required, staying hydrated is essential, sing a little song, brush your hair and clip them to your cutest look, don’t let the salon be a mission to Mars, wear a smile and ask for a warm hug and plan a little outing, it is really refreshing. While you are busy managing home and little ones, please take time out for yourself and do what you enjoy doing most, because when so much goes missing, nothing seems right! It’s true that ” I didn’t loose myself, when I became a mother, I found myself”.


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