Spring Season
“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” -Pablo Picasso.
I really believe in these lines that compel me to acknowledge the work of a very young artist, a beautiful woman of strength, patience and courage to present to us, The Brio Art House. With every detail hand picked by herself, dear readers introducing Ankita Jaiswal, the director and creator of the Brio Art House.

Brio means Life, it is this full of life ideas which predominates her art and has a very strong influence in its style. She has been able to magnify the lost charm of Avadh by adorning a few paintings with Persian and Mughal prominence. She has made use of brass, marble and ceramic, recycled wood and even fibre. With a combination of these mediums there is a whole new contemporary ideology too.

‘Dancing with life’

The able-bodied display is very peaceful at the same time, as she has set up her work amidst a cafe where you can simply relax and enjoy the fair detailing in every piece created. The carefully selected label, ‘Brio’ which means life or liveliness, speaks in itself, the basic element of the exhibition. 

Crafted in charcoal these flying birds exhibit ‘Freedom’

The intensity of the art is proven with a new emotion on every wall, where the creation communicates itself, the aspect and intention of its existence. The work has a flair of great style and at the same time it is simple to understand. Although she has captioned her painting and art work for further clarity.

Recycled paper and wood redesigned and titled ‘Memories’
As mentioned earlier, the use of recycled mediums has added value and respect towards natural resources. It brings out her passion to create and regulate available material and make use of the waste. This gives a very ‘need of the hour’ approach and adds oomph, needless to say it brings us back to understand the theme showcased as ‘The Brio Art House’.

Calm and peaceful cafe adorned with different emotions on every wall!

The art gallery is spacious and allows a good flow of natural light which brightens up the area to look even more cheerful and warm with a splendid green view outside the glass windows. 

The Brio Cafe

At the Brio Art Cafe, You can spot the servers wearing Khadi, carrying trays and coasters that are also crafted and designed using recycled medium, that one can buy as well. The Brio Art House also believes in empowering local artisans by reviving and recreating art. The cafe menu offers light appetizers along with a good variation in coffee and tea.
The brightly lit space at the cafe with a go green ideology

The inspiration of the artist comes from life and events with different emotions involved. This is very clear from the ‘dancing man’, sculptured in fiber to moulded hands longing out off a frame, couldn’t have been better titled as ‘greed’. 


The artists’ love for charcoal, clearly illuminates her strong belief in living an elated and encouraged life, as depicted in sketches of the ‘flying birds’ to freedom, also ‘happy feet’, showing exhilaration. She has photographed the Lucknow Residency, which is an age old example of resistance and bravery, reliving history in her art ideology.

Walking down the gallery you will only come across a strong motivating message to bring out the joy and wonder which the artist has created in the form of craft and art. Using ideas like books, flowing and endless colours in a frame, and finally the buoyant spring season with vibrant wings of a butterfly that encompasses the entire theme of a glowing celebration, intensifying a beautiful and feel better life. 

Wood crafted books/ ‘let there be knowledge’-

It is this positivity and endurance that she is the Director of the Ramada Plaza Lucknow and also holds the position of Chairman Arts and Crafts Promotion Committee UPHRA (Uttar Pradesh Hotel and Restaurant Association)

Also dear readers, our artist was awarded ‘The Emerging Young Woman Entrepreneur 2016 by UPHRA.
Thank you Ankita, for bringing such an affirmative art collection and I hope I am able to divert some attention of progressive and reasonable people to bring home from your wall, some portion of creativity this season. 

Note: all art work has been titled and marked by the artist and all rights to use or display rest with her too.

 For purchase and any query kindly mail at :-
or contact +91 8418979999 
Let us spread some joy, so please like and share the Facebook page @Brioarthouse.


One thought on “BRIO ART HOUSE

  1. This is truly beautiful work of art.I especially liked the sculpture with the hands. It’s as if they’re reaching out to you for what…love, friendship, safety, acknowledgement? Inspiring.

    On another note, I just nominated you for a Story Tag. Please check it out on kmy current blog post on my website. Thank you 🙂


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